To heal the causes of diseases

To heal the causes of diseases

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Integrated approach to a health problem, strong speaking, does miracles. From the pharmacological companies symptomatic approach to diseases is observed. Doctors have a narrow specialization. In this situation to release on drift care about health, at least shortsightedly. Approach to it in a look, I will get sick - I will go to a drugstore or to the doctor, already you something missed, it is possible to use only one-time. In this case it is necessary to understand the reasons of illnesses. As you will start being treated for symptoms of an illness, but often not reached elimination of the reasons.

At you for example the head, the main reasons for cases of a headache ached: the hypoxia, intoxication, dehydration, isn't enough energy (glucose or fatty acids), a lack of cellular nutrients for activity of neurons. The doctor in this case won't tell you, type "to sweat" or drink hot "good" water, small portions. At correct understanding of the reason of an illness some simple procedures block 80% of cases of a headache.

Still actual council - be defined from where you will receive energy these are fats and sugar. And if you consume excess sugar, still be defined how you will spend it.

Influence on health on importance decrease:

1 The psychology - to Have a positive spirit.

2 Food products - Producers of foodstuff try to bring these products to you in an accurate look, your task to eat products without harmful stabilizers.

3 Drinks - to Reduce consumption of drinks, having replaced them with water. (not to consume sugarsubstitutes). Of course, it everything is schematically.

That is normalization of a mental state, healthy nutrition and water consumptions, is already huge step to health, it already the first most important three factors on a significance value, all them 12.

I don't tell about economy on drugs, as it again. But your personal happiness is worthy that you were circumspect.

For myself I understood if that got sick I come on youtube, I gather "Butakova" and the name of an estimated illness.

There appears the resource constants of health from Butakaya O. A. , soon in English.